A hearfelt thanks goes out to all those who volunteered, registered, and donated funds at the bone marrow drives in Randolph Center, Vermont and northeast Ohio in June. In total 916 new potential donors were added to the registry through the drives and many more committed to registering through kits mailed to their homes. How fortunate we all are to live in these wonderful supportive communities.

--Amelia P. Lincoln, James M. Patterson and families

P.S. You got yourself swabbed, now consider making a donation to help fund the registration process for someone else.


On New Years Eve 2009, Amelia Lincoln -- a lifelong resident of central Vermont -- was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, an aggressive cancer of the bone marrow. She was 33 years old.

Amelia went through chemotherapy and had a stem-cell transplant in 2010, using her own cells, and was in remission for two years. But in April 2012, the leukemia returned to her system.

Now Amelia needs a life-saving transplant, using donor cells. You could save Amelia's life -- or the life of someone like her -- by joining the bone marrow registry. It just takes a swab of your cheek to determine whether your match might keep someone alive.

To donate, you must be (1) age 18-60; (2) be willing to donate to anyone in the registry who needs it, not just Amelia; and (3) meet certain minimum health guidelines.

Even if you cannot donate marrow, there are other ways to help!

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